Marine Construction

“One of the biggest problems in any field of business is inexperience masquerading as competence through confidence.” ~Damion Flynn

The marine construction trade is not any different. We have all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”, but that isn’t even true in a lot of transactions as many times, someone with less experience may have a better sales acumen which gives them the ability to sell lower-quality work at higher prices based on sales ability rather than the quality of work they will be providing.

At All Pro Marine, we aren’t great salesmen, probably not even considered good salesmen for that matter. We simply provide a fair price for superior quality work. And while our web presence is fairly new, we are not. We know what works and what does not. We don’t cut corners because we want you to tell your neighbors and friends about the quality of our work and the fairness of our prices as you talk about your pier, bulkhead, or boathouse with pride. We have fixed numerous “problems” from other contractors where they cut corners to save a few bucks and created issues for the homeowner 2 or 3 years down the road and aren’t in business anymore. We stand behind our work and do it right the first time so the next time you call us, it is about another job or referral, and not to fix our mistakes.


Keep your yard from eroding and give you a place to fish or dock your boat all at the same time. Bulkheads are often built in conjunction with piers and boathouses. (Read More…)


With the average low-end boat starting in the $30k range, doesn’t it make sense to have a cover over that investment? Boathouses and lifts can be built right up next to bulkhead or (recommended), in conjunction with a pier. (Read More…)

Piers / Dockage

If you live on the water, there are very few investments you can make to your property that will give you more enjoyment than a pier. We can also add platforms, covers, and more. (Read More…)


Whether you want a platform over your boathouse for sitting and enjoying the view or you just want a larger platform to fish from, we can help. Add fish cleaning stations, lights, and more for a truly complete spot to enjoy your outdoor space. If it’s built on the water, there is a good chance we do it.